Victory X Auto Accessories & Audio - The Trip up north with EV BYD E6.

A Short and simple guide for BYD E6 2021 Users who wants to go up north, Genting KL and more do note this guide is not for all EV models as the new E6 has a range of 500km with 70 kw battery.

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The Trip up north with EV BYD E6.

below are the items needed for this trip, items good to have are a plus in cases where Jom Charge is occupied, users of ChargEv can charge at Petronas where there are tons of ChargEV chargers.

having that said it is possible to drive without ChargEV but one has to be extra careful not to miss any charging points.

Important Notes

Always drive and cruise like all cars, in case of BYD E6, try to keep at max speed of 140 km/h the car management system will auto throttle down to 20-40 kw depending on road conditions.

Turn on Recycle mode to Large, for the whole trip.

Items (Good to have)

ChargEV Card


Carplay Dongle / Android Auto for Maps


Type 2 Plug Cable Male to Female

Items (Must have)

Touch and Go Card

Data Roaming or Data Sim Card

Iphone users can consider international Esim

Hand Phone Apps (Must Have)

Jom Charge



Plug Share

Trip to Genting

Start from Victory X at Kaki Bukit SOC 100%

Caltex Skudai Southbound (Jom Charge) SOC 85% Charged to 100% consumed 15%

Caltex Ayer Keroh North Bound (Jom Charge) SOC 30% Charged to 100% consumed 70%

ABB Malaysia Subang SOC 55% Charged to 100% consumed 45%

Genting Highlands Mid Hill Geo38 area SOC % 80% consumed 20%

Genting Highlants First World SOC 69% consumed 11%

Down Hill to Genting Highlands Mid Hill Geo38 area SOC 73% Regen 4%

Genting High Lants Premium Outlets SOC 65% Charged to 100% consumed 8%

KLCC SOC 91% charged to 100%

Trip Back to SG

Start from KL SOC 92%

Reached Caltex Ayer Keroh South Bound Jom Charge SOC 50% charged to 100% consumed 50%

< Skipped Hentian Sebelah Tangkak Selatan Southbound >

Reached Caltex Skudai Southbound Jom Charge SOC 50% Charged to 100%. consumed 50%

End of Trip.

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