Victory X Auto Accessories & Audio - Car DVR Power Pack A Must Or Not?

things that regular workshop don't tell you.

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Car Dash Camera is the norm now as you might have noticed the increase in human behaviour to default on agreed terms or some sort.

Supposing that you just got your car and want to install a dash camera (car camera), many installers would quote you a price, and you would expect the recording to do so when you drive.

But what happens when you're not driving?

As season drivers, I have encounter hit and run cases before, and I had to pay from my own pocket.

And Little do customers know that tapping into the car battery to run the car camera after the engine is turned off would kill the car battery sooner then expected life span.

So what did you get when they install a dash camera to their previous vehicle?

i would say a half bucket full solution.

My Point Regardless of whether driving a car that does not require a car camera battery pack doesn't mean that you don't really need it.

A standalone Camera battery pack solves the issues faced by many car owners.

1) Increase the recording time after the vehicle engine is turned off.

2) decouple the dash camera from the car battery; hence you can maintain and get back to the normal car battery life cycle.

The choice is up to you, can car battery for BB cars ranges from $70 to $120 changes every year or if your car battery cost you $200+ per change.

A camera battery pack extends the life of your car batteries.

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