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This Blog is to help address most questions of problems while driving a EV in singapore, most of the tips and tricks are much related to BYD E6 and some of it might related to other make s and models

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Driving a EV?

Collecting an EV?

Are you Suitable for a EV?

During this period of time where the Singapore market is changing towards a cleaner air, the government has pushed and encourage drivers to go for EV.

Driving an EV here in Singapore at the moment is hassle free for some but not the same for others.

Common Questions:

  1. How Long or How Much Can you drive on a EV?
  2. Per charge on a BYD E6 2021 can last you around 400 KM to 500KM depending on how you drive and the load you are carrying.
  3. How Long is the charging time?
  4. The question of time depends on the charging that you use and the location / charging provider
  5. Charging cost ranges from $0.50kw ++ to $0.20 kw if your car is 70kw battery then its 70 x 0.20kw = $14 ++ per full charge not forgetting the power conversion ratio which normally would result in some loss of power.
  6. In my experience, Home based or commercial based power is much cheaper than other providers such as Shell Recharge.
  7. Are there free chargers at the moment? Yes! Free Charging at IKEA, MBS and Tampines Hub.
  8. What Happens when i go Malaysia for Road Trip?
  9. Bring along a 16amp 3 kw charger charge or stay in places that allow you to charge over night.
  10. plan your route or use high power charger during your lunch breaks
  11. What is the cost of installing a Charging Point?
  12. There are many brands in the market some cheap and some expensive.
  13. most of the cheaper chargers are NOT LNO approved, this means should there be cases of fire, insurance will not payout a cent if the wire is caused by the charger.
  14. Cost of this charges ranges from $500 to $4000 they provide you the convenient of charging at your place and at a much lower rate then charging at providers.
  15. some of the chargers are suitable for home use while other are more for fleet management if you need to know more do contact us! we offer electrical installation and charging point solutions too.
  16. There are so many brands of EV now are the charging Port the same?
  17. No, Generally Singapore is on Type 2 plug and it standard set here. however incases of some older EV there are on J1772 which needs and adaptor to use our type 2 charger.
  18. I am Getting an EV what should i take note of?
  19. Firstly Congrats!
  20. the normal thing look up  find a place that you can charge either for free or paid
  21. signup and create an account with the provider don't fumble at the charging point as there are cases where there's no our mobile phones don't work as expected.
  22. More questions and answer to come.

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